Meet the Team

MA, B.Ed (Hons),
Adv.Dip. Couns.

Jan Lever®

Creator and Director of Jigsaw PSHE and Discovery RE

After 15 years in the classroom, teaching from early Years to A-Level, Jan became the RE and PSHE Adviser for the Borough of Poole, and then PSHE Adviser for Reading Borough Council. She became a key leader in the National PSHE CPD Programme, taking on roles of Lead National Advisor, Regional Adviser (South West), Programme Leader and Mentor, Lead author of assessor and participant handbooks. Jan is also a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. In 2010, Jan set up her own company, Jan Lever Education Consultancy & Training Ltd (JLECT), to focus primarily on RE, PSHE and emotional/mental health within the education world.

Jan has led training across the UK and internationally on a vast range of aspects of education, teaching and learning, RE, PSHE, emotional/mental health issues, therapeutic approaches, and personal development. She is passionate about supporting people to understand how children’s and young people’s learning can be enabled and enhanced by engaging with mindfulness philosophy and practice. Helping people understand their thought processes and emotional states empowers them to make positive choices and learn effectively.


If I were an animal, I would be a deer – slightly elusive, a loyal mother and loving being in nature.

MBPS, MSc., BSc.(Hons)

Joanna Feast

Senior Associate Consultant

Joanna is an Associate Consultant and trainer with JLECT. Joanna’s career began in adolescent mental health services and moved on to teaching A-Level Psychology, which formed the basis of her objective to work with and for young people who face health and well-being challenges during their lives. An MSc in Health Education/Health Promotion led to a career change to the Department of Health, running national initiatives to improve children’s health and well-being; Joanna then worked as part of the Healthy Schools Programme teams in Surrey and Reading. Since self-employment in 2011, Joanna has concentrated on promoting PSHE, well-being and health in schools and other organisations, focusing on training, consultancy and writing resources. She runs her own fitness and well-being business, ‘Clean Well-Being’, and is a qualified GP Referral Specialist.

Joanna is a firm believer in the importance of well-being – for everyone – and loves encouraging people to focus on their well-being so that they notice benefits in all areas of life. ‘Solution-focused thinking’ sessions are the highlight of Joanna’s training repertoire: she really enjoys it when people make simple yet constructive changes in themselves and their lives as a result of the SFT techniques. As a keen follower of the Alexander Technique, Joanna has appreciated how much these principles can have a positive impact on all aspects of life, but particularly those of school staff – with posture, voice, energy levels, and mood.


If I were an animal, I would choose to be a brown bear because I would live in a beautiful, clean, mountainous environment, feasting on berries and other foraged foods in forests and rivers; I would enjoy a warm and thick coat; I could sleep for long periods of time, and I would be a surprisingly swift runner and an agile climber!

Elaine2 2
Corporate Experience:
Events Managment
Sponsorship Liaison
Customer Relations
Business 2 Business

Elaine Arnold

Business Manager

For 25 years, Elaine worked for Barclays Bank PLC, with the latter 10 years as a Community Investment Manager for the South West Region.  She managed investment programmes in the local community and encouraged staff to be involved with volunteering and mentoring.

In 2007, she joined the Arts & Business sector, setting up and managing sponsorship partnerships between businesses and local arts projects across Dorset and Devon.

Elaine then worked for three years with The National Trust as Business Development Manager for Dorset, setting up partnerships and sponsorships, and managing corporate events.

Elaine has worked with the Jan Lever® group since 2013 and has learnt so much about education and how children should be learning.

She says, “I really believe Jigsaw PSHE is the resource and approach that could be the catalyst for the change we need in our society. To teach children the mindfulness approach, and give them coping strategies at an early age is the way forward.”


If I were an animal, I would be an elephant because they are beautiful, powerful, wise and loyal – and they never forget!

MA Ed., BA (Hons),
PGCE, NVQ 3 in childcare and education,

Carol Catton

Associate Consultant

Carol was trained as a secondary teacher and has worked across the age ranges – from 9-year-olds to adults. She has also run a youth club for young people aged 13-18, been a parent helper for pupils aged 4-9, has worked in a nursery school, and has been a team leader for Social Services in their scheme for young offenders.

Her most recent roles included co-ordinating PSHE and History at KS3, Healthy Schools and Rights Respecting Schools lead and head of Year 7. She is currently also a trustee for educational development (DEED) in Dorset and Hampshire.

Carol is passionate about PSHEE, global education for pupils, healthy lifestyles, the importance of mindfulness and supporting schools and their pupils’ families.


If I were an animal, I would choose to be a dolphin because I love the sea, enjoy communicating with others and am very family/community orientated.


Alison Harris

Senior Consultant and Trainer, Project Manager and Training Co-ordinator

Alison worked in motor industry management with a large PLC but changed careers and qualified as a Primary teacher in 2000, becoming a senior leader for a large Primary School, responsible for driving up teaching and learning standards.  She also led on Statutory Inspections for Anglican Schools, receiving “Outstanding” in 3 consecutive inspections. She has achieved the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership, one aspect of which entailed introducing independent learning strategies school-wide and processes for closing the gap for vulnerable groups. Her teaching has consistently been graded as outstanding, and this has been validated by Ofsted inspections.

She has an in-depth knowledge and first-hand teaching familiarity with Jigsaw PSHE and Discovery RE and is an experienced trainer and school mentor of these programmes, and can lead staff Mindfulness training to support colleagues. She also believes in the importance of children being given opportunities to express their spiritual nature in a packed curriculum and her Masters dissertation researched spirituality within the Primary Curriculum as part of SMSC, something in which she has supported schools in evidencing and in which she can offer support and training.

Alison is passionate about inspiring the next generation of teachers, and tutors and leads training for ITT providers on a variety of topics such as learning outside the classroom, dialogic teaching, embedding and evidencing British Values, safeguarding and, of course, RE and PSHE. These areas are also available for INSET training for Primary Schools.


If I were an animal, I’d be a dolphin because I love snorkelling in warm waters, always smile, and enjoy supporting teams to work together to achieve the best outcomes!

M.Ed.; B.Ed. (Hons)
Cert Ed.

John Rees

Associate Consultant and Manager (Northern Region)

A former teacher and senior leader, John has been an independent educational trainer, coach and consultant for 12 years.  He has enjoyed leadership and managerial experience with regional professional teams, national organisations and local individuals, to support professional development across the UK and overseas. John is passionately committed to reducing social inequalities and regards education and training as essential to the economy and communities but imperative to optimize the well-being and life-chances of individuals and their families.

Having been introduced to Jigsaw PSHE, he remains convinced that it is far and away the best PSHE resource for primary schools – and loads of schools across the north of England will testify!


Finally, if I was an animal, I’d be a seal, gentle and playful, slightly rotund, eating fish and loving being in the water!

PGC Academic Practice

Richard Palmer

Associate Consultant and Trainer

Richard has over 22 years’ experience in PSHE and primary education firstly as a classroom teacher and then as a PSHE subject leader in a variety of rural and city schools. This led to 9 years’ service as an advisory teacher for PSHE education with Wiltshire Council where Richard led the Healthy Schools Programme for the county and managed a team of school advisors developing PSHE education and Citizenship in Early Years, Primary and Secondary school settings. Richard has also worked as a PSHE Regional Advisor across all London boroughs with responsibility for training teachers within the National PSHE Accreditation Programme in partnership with Roehampton University. He has also worked in Higher Education as a University tutor in Initial Teacher Education.

Richard offers schools support and advice to develop teaching and learning in all aspects of PSHE, RE and SMSC.

Richard has always believed that PSHE lies at the heart of any school and is fundamental to develop a child or young person’s learning so they can recognise and realise their own potential.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys gardening and looking after his growing menagerie of pets on his smallholding in rural Cumbria with his husband Andrew. Richard also enjoys acting and singing and is a member of his local Star Wars society which raises money for children’s charities.

BA (Hons)

David Rees

Senior Consultant and Trainer

David is passionate about RE and PSHE and knows how rewarding these subjects can be.  However, he is aware that there is often a lack of confidence and expertise which can lead to anxiety for staff and students alike. As a Senior Associate Consultant, David delivers workshop style training in PSHE and RE, managing anxiety and conflict in the classroom, INSET on world religions and ethics, SCITT training and adept at mapping Discovery RE to local syllabi, as well as part of the Jan Lever Group core exhibition team.

David is also a Poole SACRE  member, represents JLECT at National Conferences and provides ongoing online support to schools directly.

Being willing to tackle any issue, he is a firm believer that the best chance we have as individuals and communities is to be open and prepared to work together to maximise our potential.


If I were an animal, I would choose to be an aardvark – they don’t seem to be over worried by predators, food is always on hand and they look like nothing else, so I would be a living embodiment of celebrating difference!

I.T.  Consultant
Web & Multimedia Specialist

Neil Matthews

Technology Consultant and Media Creative

Since 1983, Neil’s professional career has encompassed Computer Application Development, Retail Computer Sales, IT Consultancy, PC and Micro-Mainframe Support, Network Systems Builder, Classroom-style Training (IT), Accounting and, in the last decade, Multi-media Video/Sound and Website Production.

Working alongside the JLECT team since 2015, his role has been to enable and support our staff and consultants with reliable and necessary technology tools, to maintain our online public presence and facilities, and also create and deploy suitable electronic training aids and presentation materials.


If I had to be an animal, I’d probably choose to be a dog – loyal and giving unconditionally, and preferably a medium-sized breed so I don’t have to do a ridiculous amount of running.

Registered General Nurse (RGN)

Sue Meakin

Project Manager

During a 39 year career in the NHS, Sue has worked in Public Health for Bournemouth and Poole PCT and Health Improvement Manager for Dorset HealthCare where she managed no less than 7 Sexual Health Services as well as the Stop Smoking Service. Sue developed Sex and Relationships Education for schools and delivered INSET and CPD training across Dorset. She also organised and delivered SRE and Stop Smoking Training to multi-agency staff to enable them to deliver high quality up to date information to young people.


If I were an animal, I would be a penguin. It is outgoing but shy, stable yet flighty. The penguin only reveals the side that it wants you to see but is fiercely loyal.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
MA Sequential/Editorial Design

Andrea Todd

Graphic Designer

Having worked in both the private and public sector I decided to specialise in designing for education, charities, ethical and non-profit organisations.

Clients have included East Sussex Fire and Rescue, the East Sussex Burns Trust, Borough of Poole, Jigsaw PSHE, Discovery RE and several schools in Dorset. I am currently working freelance and loving every minute.


If I were an animal I would choose to be a gazelle because I have endless energy and my brain flits from one creative project on to the next!

MA Eduction
MSc Public Health
FRSPH (Fellow of the Royal Society of Public health)

Angela Milliken

Associate Consultant

Angela has worked in education and supporting educators for over 20 years.  She was a 6th form teacher and spent 10 years as a Director of the Engineering Development Trust, an educational charity.  In that role she had national responsibility for training with the personal development of young people very much at the forefront of her work.  Providing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them be successful in relationship-building as well as their academic development was a key focus of her role.

After a 5-year ‘living the dream’ adventure in Spain, Angela joined Swindon Borough to manage the Healthy Schools Programme working as part of the public health team, where she developed her knowledge and understanding of how closely health and education are linked.

Angela was able to develop and implement a range of projects aimed at reducing health inequalities and see measurable results when staff in schools were supported with good quality resources and she believes that this is the key to achieving health improvement at a universal level.  During this time Angela pursued academic and research interests to become a public health specialist.

Angela’s own health and well-being gets a regular boost from her passion for running and enjoying the great British countryside as she clocks up the miles training for her next challenge.


If I were an animal, I’d be a squirrel as I would enjoy seeing everything going on from the tree tops and they always seem to be having so much fun while they work.


Steve Arnold

Operations and Sales Manager

Steve has worked in Local Government in various management roles for 30 years, in the last 2 years managing the Revenues Service at the Stour Valley & Poole Partnership in Dorset.

Steve joined Jigsaw as the Sales and Operations Manager, bringing a wealth of data, financial and strategic management experience to the team. He wants to ensure our Jigsaw community and partners enjoy excellent customer service.

He says, “Working in education is a whole new world for me, but I am enjoying learning about how Jigsaw helps children develop and the difference it can make in schools.”

Steve has two grown-up sons and has a great passion for American country music. He also enjoys sport (mainly watching) and loves the countryside.


If I were an animal, I would be a meerkat. I enjoy socialising and working in a group. I am also loyal and have a willingness to help – Simples!!!