RE - How do I do it?

The Self-Help Guide for Teachers

Our Teachers’ Self-Help Guide to teaching RE effectively is now available in two formats.

Presented as an interactive guidebook, this self-help guide aims to build confidence in teachers (who often have very little training in RE), when teaching RE in primary schools. The guide takes teachers through 8 well-defined steps supporting them through the planning process. Teachers begin by making notes on how they feel now (before step 1) and can review their progress at the end (after step 8).

Information about legalities and national context is provided and teachers are taken through long-, medium- and short-term planning, including addressing the assessment process.

There are Think Spots for each section, where teachers are challenged to write their responses. Sample lesson plan materials, which focus on one religion (Christianity in this case) are included in order to more easily illustrate progression.

In printed format

RE-HDIDI BookletOur Teachers’ Self-Help Guide to teaching RE effectively comes as an A4 sized flip-book.

There are spaces in the guide where Teachers can write in their notes and responses for later review.

Reviewed in the Church Times magazine by Dennis Richards (Issue 7958, Page 32), he writes that this publication is “..refreshingly jargon-free… packed with ideas and schemes of work that are enough to gain an ‘Outstanding’ grade in curriculum RE.” He goes on to say that newly qualified teachers “would have access to the best and most up-to-date thinking on the subject.”

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In electronic format

iPad-running-HDIDI-isoOur Teachers’ Self-Help Guide to teaching RE effectively now comes in a handy electronic format as an App for iPad.

Teachers enter their thoughts and responses. These are saved in the App and can be exported by email, image gallery or stored in cloud storage systems for later review.

Note that although Sample lesson plan materials are included, Discovery RE is now in its 3rd Edition with new and updated materials which are not built into this App.

If you have an iPad, you can download the app now for FREE in the Apple App Store by clicking on the badge below.


The guide is a collaboration between the University of Oxford’s Department of Education and Jan Lever Education Consultancy & Training, as part of a project on Teaching about Christianity in Religious Education, which was aimed at both researching and developing practical guidance and support for teachers for teaching RE in general.